Printing my own Images

At the End of 2018, I got myself a small Photo Printer. Now, since I have used it continuously for about a Year, I feel qualified to give you my opinion on it.

Back then, the Printer of my Choice was a Canon CP1300. And I am still mostly happy with it. It is just to nice to be able to hold my own Pictures in my own two Hands.

I love printing my Pictures.

There are just two things I do not like about my little Photo Printer: The Size of the Prints, 10cm x 14.8cm (I really do not understand why it does not do 15cm straight.), and the fact that there are sometimes horrendous printing Errors.

And with that I mean weird colour Splotches that come from an incomplete transfer of one of the coloured Layers, mostly with the Red/ Magenta Layer.

This makes a pretty Postcard.

But usually, the Prints are of good Quality, and their Size is perfect for what I mostly use them for: Decorating my Memory Walls and making my own Postcards, which is a lot of fun.

It just adds a nice personal Touch when you make your own Postcards with your own Pictures and put your own creativity into them. I just love it.

I got this printed large at the Shop.

And when I want to get larger Prints, I either go to the local Drug Store, where I can get Prints up to 30cm x 20cm, or I order them online for anything larger than that. But that happens rarely.

Because most of the time, I am totally fine with my little, Postcard-sized Prints.

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