The Liebesbankweg

Today, I was out Hiking again. This time, I went on the Liebesbankweg near Hahnenklee, and I brought some Friends along.

When we arrived in Hahnenklee, we almost left again right away, because it was Hailing. But then it stopped and we started our Journey.

It also snowed.

After about one and a half Kilometres or so, it then started to snow for a brief moment. It was awesome! But that also stopped pretty much as soon as it had started.

After getting our ‘Special’ Liebesbankweg Stamp, we hiked up the BocksBerg for a while. It was a steep Ascent, but it was also a lot of fun.

Just after the Climb.

After a while, and after crossing the Bocksberg Access Road, which is used for the Restaurant on top of the Mountain, we finally came across the Liebesbank, where the Stempelstelle for the Wandernadel is located.

And there were many People there getting their Stamps. And the View was also fantastic,

The Liebesbank (HWN 112).

From there, we started our Journey back to the Car, but we would not Stop there for now. On the way, we came across multiple Ski Lifts and the local Cable Car. We have taken that Cable Car a few times already, so we were not going to take it today.

On the Bocksberg, there are many Trails accessible to Hikers, but there are also many Trails were they are not allowed to go. Those are for Mountainbikers.

Some Mountainbikers.

The Harz around Hahnenklee is especially beautiful in my opinion. There are also a lot of things you can do. Like Hiking. Or Mountain-biking. You can also take Carts down the Mountain. Or Ski, if there is any Snow.

There is also the Stabkirche in Hahnenklee, which brings a tiny bit of Norway to the Harz. I absolutely love that little Church. And of course we went there before we headed back to the Car.

The Gustav Adolf Stabkirche.

We had an awesome time Hiking around the Bocksberg together. The good thing was that we have a similar Pace between us, so no one got left behind, and no one had to wait for anybody. It was great!

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