Yet another Stamp.

Today, I was bored. So I decided to go onto a Hike that I had actually planned for next Weekend. And it was awesome.

After Lunch, I headed out to Buntenbock so that I could hike to the Bärenbrucher Teich. I had never been there before, but I knew that Station 137 of the Harzer Wandernadel was located there. And that is actually why I wanted to go.

Buntenbock from the Trail.

After I parked my Car, I started my Journey to the Bärenbrucher Teich via two more of the Buntentböcker Teiche. In fact, I passed five of them today.

Those Teiche were built back in the day to support Mining Operations in the Area. And because there were many Mines, there were many Teiche.

Somewhere along the way.

Along the Way, I almost broke my 50mm Lens, and I still have to somehow get the Lens Hood off the Lens somehow. It is jammed on there pretty good.

But I got some nice Pictures with it anyways. For the low Price, that Lens is actually quite sturdy. And I absolutely love the Images coming out off it.

Another Hiker.

After I got my Stamp, I still had two thirds of the way to go. And so I continued my Journey. On the way, I passed passed the other three Teiche, a Physiological Rehab Clinic and a Hotel.

But I had to backtrack a little, because there was a lot of mud on one of the steeper bits on the Trail. But I actually got more distance out of that, so I am fine.

The Forest.

I had a great time Hiking around Buntenbock today. Even though I had that small Lens mishap along the way. But I am going to mend that once I have a fitting screw driver.

And I also have to figure out what to do next weekend.

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