The Hutthaler Widerwaage.

Today after work I had had Plans to meet some Friends in Clausthal for Lunch and some other Stuff. We had to postpone our Meeting to tomorrow. But I already was in Clausthal.

And since I did not want to leave again, just to return for University in the Evening, I decided to take a short Hike to the Hutthaler Widerwaage, where I got my third Wandernadel Stamp in three Days.

The Entensumpf.

Because it would be boring to just hike straight to the Hutthaler Widerwaage from the Parking lot, I decided to walk around the Entensumpf Teich first.

That Teich is also close to the Innerstesprung, where the River Innerste has its Source. Three of the five Teiche I came across on yesterday’s Hike are also connected to that River and draw their Water from it.

On the way to the Hutthaler Widerwaage.

After having walked around the Entensumpf, I headed back to the main forestry road to continue my Hike to the Hutthaler Widerwaage. I had originally planned to take another brief sidestep, but that Path was way to muddy today.

And so I continued on my way.

The Hutthaler Widerwaage.

The Hutthaler Widerwaage is a small Teich that was used to Balance the Water Levels in other Parts of the Oberharzer Wasserregal, dumping Water if there was to much, or sending it back if there was to little.

That balancing Function was extremely important back in the days, where Mining was still the prevailing economic force in the Harz. Today, the Hutthaler Widerwaage is pretty much just a beautiful sight to see and a goal for Hikers, because of the local Stempelstelle, numbered 128.

The Stempelstelle with my Wanderpass.

In the end, this short Hike took me way longer than anticipated, but I guess that is because I took so many Pictures. I just can not stop myself from smashing that Shutter Button when I am experiencing something that beautiful!

I had a really good time hiking to the Hutthaler Widerwaage today. And the Weather was actually better than it looked on the way to Clausthal.

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