Landscape Photography with a Portrait Lens.

I absolutely love Landscape Photography. It is awesome. I have used all kinds of Lenses for Landscape Photography. Mostly Wide-angle Zooms. Or Telephoto Lenses.

But last week, I decided to shoot some Landscapes with my 50mm f/1.8, a classic Portrait Lens on APS-C. I have done that before, but lately, I feel inspired to write about it.

In Buntenbock.

After a while of not using what I still consider to be my favourite Lens, I used it again on my Hike to the Bärenbrucher Teich last Saturday, where I found that its Lens Hood had jammed on it

Whilst trying to mend that Situation, I actually made it slightly worse by breaking the Lens Hood Holder OFF the Lens. Luckily, it clicked back into its place, and the Lens still works very well.

Shot with the 50mm yesterday.

Yesterday then, I used it again on my Hike to the Hutthaler Widerwage, and I preferred the results to my standard Wide-angle Pictures I have been pretty much exclusively taking this past few weeks.

I guess I like the more restrictive Field of View that results from using a 50mm Lens on a 1.6x Crop Camera.

Shot today on the 50mm.

I can not say how much I enjoy shooting Landscapes with my favourite Lens again, because it would probably be an understatement.

But the Lens is actually not suitable for every Situation, just like any other Lens. Sometimes, 50mm ,or around 80mm with the Crop Factor, are just to tight. And in that Cases I still prefer the much more immersive of my 10-8mm Lens.

Shot with the 10-18mm.

But because this post is about Landscape Photography with a Portrait Lens, here is another Picture I took with the 50mm today.

It was actually kinda fun running around with a half broken 50mm Lens today, and I really do like the Results I have been getting from it. But I probably would not by any Prime Lens just to take Landscapes. They are just not versatile enough.

The Söse in Osterode.

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