On Top of the Wurmberg.

Today, I was in Clausthal early to do some learning. After a while, and also after having Lunch with my Friends, we decided that we all needed a break from all the Learning we had been doing.

So, after some deliberation, we decided to take the Cable Car up the Wurmberg in Braunlage. That is the highest Mountain in Lower Saxony. And the Gondola was only 12€ each, because we all go to University.

The Wurmbergseilbahn.

On Top of the Mountain, we then headed out of the Cable Car Station just to be greeted with a magnificent vista of the Brocken, which is the highest Mountain in the Harz.

From the Bocksberg, you can also see and sometimes even hear the Brockenbahn. I have taken that Train pretty much exactly one year ago today.

The Brockenbahn from the Wurmberg.

There was also a HWN Stempelstelle on the Wurmberg, numbered 156. Off course we all got that Stamp. Now I only need four more to get to the next Level: Silver.

After a while, we then headed back down the Mountain, again using the Cable Car, which is 2.5km long. It takes quite a long time to get up and down the Mountain via the Central Station. About 20 Minutes.

In Braunlage.

In Braunlage, we then headed to a Knive Store, because we wanted to get new Pocket Knives, but the Store had closed today for some reason or another.

On the Way there, we also passed the local Ice Hockey Stadium, called the Falkenhorst. The Team is called the Harzer Falken. And they are not really doing all too good.

The Falkenhorst.

The Weather could not have been better today. It was actually quite awesome. And almost to sunny. My ND Filter was not even strong enough to get my Shutter Speed down to 1/50 to shoot some Video

But we still had an awesome Time on the Wurmberg. And after we arrived back in Clausthal, we learned some more.

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