A Sonderstempel in Osterode.

Today, my Brain required a break from Learning for University. So I headed out despite the Weather. It was grey all day long.

A while ago, I was informed that there is a Wandernadel Sonderstempel at the Heimatmuseum in Osterode. I had been to that Museum before, and one visit is definitely enough, but that Sonderstempelstelle was it yet established when I was at the Museum the last time.

The Heimatmuseum.

After getting that Sonderstempel at the Heimatmuseum, I did not want to head back home just then, so I continued walking around town.

As I have already said, the Weather was miserable, but I still was in the mood for Ice Cream somehow. Luckily, one of the two Ice Cream Parlours in Osterode had already opened for business again.

Some Vanilla Ice Cream.

Since I am currently working on a little Arts and Crafts Project on the side, I stopped at one of the local Office Supply Stores to look for a new Exacto Knive. They did not have any.

When I left the Shop after a few Minutes, the Weather turned from miserable to horrible as it started hailing. The Hail Corns were small, but they were plenty.

The Hail.

But that stopped after a while, and I headed back home, only to find out that the Sonderstempel I had just gotten does not even count to my total score, so that is still at 16.