Croatia is beautiful.

Croatia is beautiful. I have been there two or three times with my Family, and two times in Summer Camp. But I have not visited this beautiful Country since 2012.

But since I have not done a TSBTP in a while, I am doing one today. About a very beautiful part of the insanely beautiful Country of Croatia.

In Lika-Senj County.

I have taken the Picture this Story is about back in 2012, when I was in Croatia for the last time in a Red Cross Summer Camp. Back then, I was deeply involved in the German Youth Red Cross. It was awesome.

On the day I captured this Picture, we were taking a Boat Trip on the Lake Krušćica. That is an artificial Lake that was created by damming the Lika River. It lies between the municipalities of Gospić, where the Summer Camp was, and Perušić.

Waves created by the Pontoon Boat.

As I have said before, we were taking a Boat Trip on that beautiful Lake. And we had an absolute great time doing so.

But I have also said, I have not been to Croatia since August 2012, and that is almost eight years ago now.

Another Picture taken on the Lake.

Back then, we were at the Beach pretty much every day. And the Beach was about 40 kilometres from Gospić, and because the only way there led over a winding mountain road, it took us about an hour one way every day.

That Year, we also headed into Zadar two times, and that is a 100 kilometre Trip that also takes you about an hour, but there you can take the Highway.

Also at Lake Krušćica.

What I want to say is that we did a lot of fun Things in Croatia. And I have also enjoyed my Family Vacations there.

Croatia really is full of Life, and full of awesome people and magnificent Landscapes. I absolutely love it. And I would definitely go back there, if I had the time.

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