I used to love Long Exposures…

Long Exposure Photography can be really fun. You can also get some awesome Pictures out of it. But there are several downsides as well.

One example is that you usually need a Tripod to shoot some tasty Long Exposures. And I really do not like Tripods. They are just a nuisance to use. They just take to much time to set up and they are also generally quite clunky.

A Long Exposure from today.

Long Exposure also take quite some time to take even after you have set up your Tripod, but I guess that is in their name. And that is also not my problem.

I just do not like it to wait for things to happen. Today, I abandoned my efforts to take a Long Exposure of a particular location, because absolutely no Cars were passing by, and I was going for Light Trails.

A Long Exposure taken near Most, Czechia.

Because they take so long to Capture, Long Exposures are also quite easy to mess up. If you just do as much as look at your Camera the wrong way, your Exposure will fail.

If you hit your Tripod, you are obviously done. Even Camera Shake can ruin your endeavours. So it is definitely advisable to set up your timer or get a wireless remote when you go out to do some Long Exposure Photography.

Once in Hamburg.

The thing is: I still love Long Exposures. While Tripods help, they are not strictly required. And while they do take quite some time to take, I actually do not mind that at all.

Except for today. Today I had no fun at all trying to take a few Long Exposures.

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