My tightest Lens.

As a Photographer, I do own several Lenses, covering all the Focal Lengths from 18mm to 250mm. And the largest bit of that Range is actually done by only one Lens.

It is my Canon EF-S 55-250mm Lens. Back in 2016, I wanted to get a tighter Lens because my Kit Lens only goes from 18-55mm, and those 55mm where far to wide for Motorsports Photography, a thing that I thought I would do way more back in the day.

An Emirates Airplane.

One of the first Pictures I ever took with that Lens was an Emirates Airbus A380 that flew over 10,000 metres above me at the time. I still think that I have gotten quite a nice Shot of that Airplane.

Since then, I have used my tightest Lens more for Landscapes and Portraits then anything else. I also was able to do some Motorsports Photography, but only a little.

A Tree in Clausthal.

On my APS-C Camera, those 55-250mm translate approximately to an 85-400mm Field of View. That is extremely tight. And I love it.

I do have to say that that 55-250mm Lens is not actually my tightest Lens. That title would go to a fully manual 500mm f/8.0 Lens, but I do not really use it, mostly because it only starts at f/8.0 and is fully manual. And I really do prefer Auto Focus Lenses.

A Gazebo near Lerbach.

Another great thing is that my 55-250mm Lens Sports Image Stabilization. And that helps greatly with my Style of handheld Photography. By allowing me to shoot at lower Shutter Speeds without risking the final Image.

And while I can not shoot in the Dark using this Lens, I also do not really want to. That one time I took a Long Exposure with it, I really was quite unhappy with the Results I had been getting.

A Poppy in the Fields.

The Lens is also capable of creating a real nice, smooth Bokeh. Even though its Aperture only starts at f/4.0 at 55mm, even closing down to f/5.6 at 250mm, out of Focus Areas do look awesome!

The one thing I do not Like about the 55-250mm is that it is absolutely huge, being is the biggest Lens in my Arsenal, at over 10cm Long at 55mm. Actually, the size and weight are the only Reasons keeping me from taking it with me more often.

One of my favourite Pictures.

I really do like the Pictures I was able to get with my 55-250mm Lens. But in the end of the day the Lens did not take the Picture, I did. It was merely a Tool in the Process.

4 thoughts on “My tightest Lens.”

    1. In my experience, it is way sharper than the 18-55mm. I have also seen it compared and coming out on top of an older, non IS 70-200 f/4.0 in Terms of Sharpness. I absolutely do not know if that is true, but for the price it is crazy sharp.


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