And there was Snow.

I am still going to University. And it is Exam Time again. And because there was quite the Storm yesterday, I was actually quite lucky to get there in the first place.

It was still very windy. It also rained for a while. And while I was sitting there taking my Exam, it suddenly started billowing Snow outside. It was actually quite loud. And a bit distracting.

Before the Snow.

And with the Snow came the Cold. And with that came extremely slippery roads. I really do not like slippery roads.

But I do like snowy Landscapes. They are just o beautiful. As long as th Snow is still fresh and beautiful.

A snowy Buntenbock.

And it is supposed to snow again tomorrow. At least for a while. So I might go back to Clausthal tomorrow.

On my way back to Osterode, the Sun was standing quite low. And that was extremely blinding. But I think I still got a few nice Pictures.

The Road towards Osterode.

As you can se, there was only a light dusting of Snow today, and I hope that there will be some more tomorrow.

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