Always backup your SD Cards.

Yesterday evening, when I tried to remove my trusty 128GB SD Card from my Laptops Card Reader, it refused to let go.

After a while of carefully trying to get the Card out of the Reader, it actually came out. Only that a large plastic strip came off from under the contact pads.

The broken SD Card.

After that had happened, I tried to insert another SD Card into the Reader, but it refused to fit. That was when I realized that a part of the broken SD Card was still stuck deep in my Laptop.

Luckily, I was able to remove that little part with some prodding. And the SD Card Reader still works. I am extremely relieved that it did not break.

A Photo that was on the failed Card.

Also, I did not loose any of the Data on that broken SD Card, as I just had finished backing it up to my latest external drive. And the Card is not entirely dead, it just got somehow stuck in Read Only.

Another good thing is that I had bought two new 128GB SD Cards on last years Black Friday, so all I really lost was a very good SD Card that I had bought during Amazons Cyber Monday Event.

The Mensa in Clausthal.

Stuff fails. Things break. That is why Backups are important. And it would be even better to do Backups of the Backups.

2 thoughts on “Always backup your SD Cards.”

  1. Ouch!
    And one of the reasons I do not like large capacity SD cards. Imagine if you had lost all those images because something went wrong when you first tried the transfer.
    But these days when 2GB cards cost more than 32GB cards … Well you just have to refrain from filling them up, I guess.

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    1. I usually back up my SD Cards about once a week, depending on how much I shoot. They are usually filled with about 32GB of Pics then. But I like it to have more capacity when I need it. For example when I am travelling and do not have my Laptop with me. And I did not even know they still made 2GB SD Cards…


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