The oldest Talsperre in the Harz

Just east of Osterode, sitting in a Harz Valley, sits the Sösetalsperre. I never really thought much of it, as it was always there. Today, after taking a Chemistry Exam, I decided to find out a little more about the local Talsperre.

The Dam of the Sösetalsperre is largely made of Earth and Gravel. It is also fitted with a Concrete Core for stability. And the whole thing was built from 1928-1931. It is the oldest modern Talsperre in the Harz!

The Underwater Basin of the Sösetalsperre.

Currently, the Dam of the Underwater Basin is being repaired, because it just was not up to its task anymore, but such things can happen after 80 years of dedicated service.

The Sösetalsperre has many uses, but it is mainly used to distribute drinking water across Niedersachsen all the way to Bremen via a 200km pipe.

The main Reservoir.

Other tasks that the Sösetalsperre fulfilles are Flood Protection through Water Regulation and Power Generation. It does not yield much Electricity though, as the annual output is just so enough for about 1200 standard households.

Back during World War II, the Sösetalsperre was protected with a number of Anti Air Guns, and you can still find some of the Foundations of those things.

A rocky Outcrop in the Water.

Nowadays, there is a quite nice Hiking Trail leading around the Sösetalsperre, but I have not taken that Path in a long time. And since there is no Harzer Wandernadel Stempelstelle on it, I doubt I will go there for a while.

There once also was a Campsite at the Underwater Basin, but that thing closed down quite a few years ago.

Water Level Indicators at the Sösetalsperre.

All in all, I really like to spend a little Time at the Sösetalsperre every now and then. All that water just makes everything else relative, and I can just sit there and ponder in my daydreams for a while.

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