Trying some Product Photography.

Today, I had to take an early morning Physics Exam. After that, I wanted to get out and do some Photography in the Nature. But it was cold and wet and I really did not like it outdoors.

So, after spending a little time at my Formula Student Teams Workshop and having some food, I headed back home to try out doing a little product Photography.

Some of the Tools I used.

A few years ago, my Grandpa died of Parkinson’s. He was always quite good with tools, and his old Workshop under the Attic is still packed with those awesome old Tools.

Like my favourite yellow Tape Measure, or a beautiful old school 12mm Wrench. And yes, the Metric System is far superior.

Made in the USA.

I actually had quite a bit of fun experimenting in the Workshop and also cleaning it up a little so that there was no Junk in my Pictures. Maybe I will make my Wallet there if I finally get to do it.

I really like it to do things with my hands a little bit. It is just so rewarding.

My Lighting Setup.

The the ceiling light in the Workshop is, while okay for working, way too dark for doing any Photography, I used my old Aputure M9. That little thing is perfect for Product Photography.

I also used my 50mm 1.8 Lens, because it has a nice wide Aperture. I shot it on f/2.8 because with that Aperture, I can get a lot of Light in, but the Depth of Field is also not all too shallow.

I really love old Tools.

I really like the Contrast created by the blue vice and the yellow Screwdriver. And of course that awesome old Tape Measure. I also really loved the used look of that lovely Vice that came from it being used for many years.

Shooting in the Workshop today also gave me a few ideas for a Pocket Knife. And I also had some fun doing so.

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