When I worked in the Park.

I have written about my time in Canada before, but I really have no better Idea than doing a TSBTP. This time, it is about that Time I worked in the Park.

Back in 2014, I was WWOOFing near Kitchener in southern Ontario. But I wanted to get a real job to make some money for my Journey to the West that ultimately took me all the way to Vancouver Island.

In Algonquin Park.

I actually got my first Job in Canada by searching for one on Indeed. And I had it really quickly. After sending out my initial Application to that Place, I had the Job within two Days.

And because I was quite broke back then, I took the Bus to Huntsville, and then had someone pick me up there to get into the Park.

At the Pier.

The day after I arrived, I pretty much started working as a dishwasher right away. It was awesome, but after a while I changed my profession and pretty much became a janitors assistant. I actually quite liked that job.

I was also able to go Canoeing and also Hiking for a little, even though I did more of the first and less of the second. After a while, I left that Job to volunteer at the 2014 Toronto International Filmfestival though, but I definitely will never regret that. It was awesome

Taken on my first day in Algonquin Park.

And after that had wrapped up, and after I WWOOFed a little more, I actually returned to Algonquin Park, where I helped to wrap up the Season there by stacking Firewood for the next one.

I absolutely loved my time in the Park. Especially the Bonfires we had pretty much every evening. And I actually still have contact with some of the people I met up there.

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