And then there was Snow.

Today after Work I had to pick something up at University in Clausthal. On the way there, I discovered that there was a beautiful layer of white, almost pristine Snow.

And so I did what I had to do and stopped by the Road to take some Pictures. The Snow just looked to pretty to pass it by.

On the way to Clausthal.

I really love Snow, but this year we did not have that much of it. In fact, Winter here in the Harz was quite abysmal. The Weather was awful most of the time as it pretty much rained non stop.

And while I got to Hike a lot this January, weather in February really was not good enough to do that. And I absolutely miss it. I might have something planned for next weekend.

Snowy Trees.

I absolutely love Photography, and I do a lot to get the Shots that I want. Today, I slipped into a ditch, got wet feet and slightly twisted my ankle. But it was all worth it.

I also got the Chance to take some nice Pictures of my Car by running across the Street and standing in ankle deep Snow for a while, waiting for all the other Cars to pass.

The Car.

After I picked up that thing that I had to pick up at University, I stopped by the Old Ziegelhütte to take some more Pictures.

I really enjoyed taking some Pictures in the Snow today. It was awesome to be able to do Photography again, after I really was not that inspired to shoot anything lately.

Shot at the Ziegelhütte.

But while I really loved the Snow today, I am absolutely ready for Summer. Winter just was too ugly this time around.

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