Flippy Screens are awesome.

A few days ago, I saw some reactions to a Fuji Camera Announcement. There were quite a few people complaining about articulated Screens on Cameras. And I absolutely love those things.

Ever since I got my Canon M5, I absolutely love the flip down Screen it comes with. But I also think that a fully articulated one that pops out to the side instead of the bottom, like in the EOS R, is way nice when you also want to use a Tripod. Or a Black Rapid Sling like I do.

Yes, you can take Selfies.

Articulated Screens are not just good for Selfies or Vlogging. In fact, they are useful for many things. Even in Landscape Photography.

Those Screens make it really easy to shoot at any angle other then eye level. You can go all the way down or all the way up without having to guess if you actually got the Shot.

Shot using the Flip Screen.

Ever since I started to take more Vertical Shots for that Instagram Screen Space, I realized that a side flipping Screen is definitely better than a bottom flipping Screen. And with a fully articulated Screen, you can even cover it up to prevent damage when the Camera is in your Camera Bag.

Articulated Screens are actually very useful in many ways. That is why I absolutely love them. I would never go back to a fixed Screen. And if I do not need it, I just put it back in its place on the back of the Cameras.

I did not need to flip the Screen for this one.

One of the more valid arguments that I read is that some People are afraid that articulated Screens break easier. But in my experience, that is absolutely not the Case.

Off course they can break, but so can the rest of the Camera the Screen is attached to. Or your memory Cards. Or your Lenses. People who argue with fragility are probably the ones that never take their Cameras out of the house in fear of scratching their valuable Gear.

I used the Flip Screen for this one.

I really love the Flip Screen on my Camera. It is just to useful to not have it. And when I am not using it, I barely even notice that it is there.

2 thoughts on “Flippy Screens are awesome.”

  1. I would like to have a camera with this feature. Why? Because I miss being able to do waist-level imaging as I could with my Exacta SLRs by changing the pentaprism. The closest I’ve got is the Nikon P610, which flips to the side and then can twist. It would work if it weren’t for the fact it automatically switches to the EVF if there’s something blocking light to the detector – like your body. It is also a bit awkward positioned out to the side – makes for a very wide camera, so to speak. I also think this might help with the LCD finder’s eternal problem of sunlight making it unviewable. One day I shall see for myself.

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    1. You are so right. It always annoys the *** out of me when that stupid sensor decides to act when I really do not want it to. I am sure I could turn that off, but then I would be annoyed with not working when I want it to because I would probably forget that I changed that setting.


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