When the Sky is on FIRE.

I really like Sunsets. They look awesome, and I love to take Pictures of them. Even though they do look way better in real life.

There are just some things in life that Cameras just are not that good at.

Today, the Sky was slightly on Fire.

But sometimes, Sunsets can be really extreme. That is when the whole sky is on Fire! And it looks absolutely awesome! With colours ranging from Orange to Magenta and everything in between, they are just so vibrant and rich.

Technically, they are the most beautiful Chromatic Aberration there is. And together with Sunrises, they are also the only CA that is actually worth keeping.

A few years ago in Clausthal.

But actually, I like Sunrises even more than Sunsets. I think they are even prettier. But I am really not a morning person. Especially when it is cold outside.

And that makes Sunsets way easier for me to shoot. You just have to get out of the house in the evening for an hour or two, find a nice place and get your Fotos. Of course the weather can be really quite bad, but sometimes, that makes your results look even cooler.

The calm before the storm in Herzberg.

I really do love Sunsets and Golden Hour, but I also do Photography at all the other times of the day. And that is the way it should be.

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