What is in my Backpack?

I love Photography. I also love Hiking. But I definitely would not like it to carry my Gear around by Hand all the Time. Mostly because I could not bring that much of it in the first place.

So I use a Backpack to carry whatever I need on a particular day. And while I have a ‘real’ Camerabag, but I do not use it at this time, as it is quite large. My daily use Backpack currently is a quite modular Backpack made by a company called ‘Tasmanian Tiger’.

My current Backpack.

Off course I carry my Camera and a few Lenses in that Backpack. Usually I have two to three Lenses with me, usually my 10-18, 55-250 and 50 1.8.

I also have some Microfibre Cloths and Lenspens for cleaning my Gear, a miniature Tripod and my Aputure M9 Light as well as some other accessories such as spare batteries and SD Cards with me.

My Camera.

For Hiking, I usually bring a Water Bottle and small Microfibre Towel to dry off my Face. That Towel stays on the outside of my Backpack Also, I only bring minimal Gear with me when Hiking to safe weight.

My Harzer Wandernadel Sammelpass and some Hiking Maps always stay in my Backpack for those spontaneous moments when I want to go Hiking.

In the Pouches on the outside of the Backpack, I have my Cleaning Equipment, some Chargers and Cables and a small First Aid Kit. I also have a small bottle of Hand Sanitizer with me. But I had that before the current Thing that is going on.

At the Entensumpf near Clausthal.

I also have my Traveller Collective Keychain, which commemorates my Travels, and old Keychain I made during my Primary School Years and an old Stormtrooper hanging on the Backpack.

Modularity is an important aspect in Backpacks for me, as I usually do not like the arrangement of Pockets that the Manufacturer deems okay. I also like it to be able to expand my Backpack.

My Backpack at the Entensumpf.

I had a lot of Fun taking Fotos for this Blogpost in the Harz today. And I might actually have some more in Store.

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