Shooting Products in the Wild.

Yesterday, I was out Exploring around the Entensumpf in Clausthal. I had quite a bit of fun doing so. But I also did some Product Photography on the Side, because I really like that lately.

And Product Photography outdoors is even more fun. You just have to go into the Forest and find a Tree Stump. Or some Moss. In fact you can use pretty much anything that looks interesting in Nature for your Photography.

My Backpack at the Entensumpf.

And there are many such beautiful Things here in the Harz, all of it free to use. Just make sure you leave Nature intact and leave the Area as you found it.

For example, there was a Tree Stump topped up with some loose Bark right next to the Parking Lot. And my Watch just looked awesome on that! And the Light was so beautiful, I did not even need to use my own.

My Apple Watch.

Nature and Modern Technology are a perfect Combination in my Book. Those very different things just create the perfect Contrast. Sharp Edges and Organic Shapes just go very nicely together.

Also, shooting Products outdoors was a nice little ‘Training Exercise’ for me, as I still have certain Plans I am not yet ready to talk about. All I can say is that they involve some old-school Gear.

My Phone on the ground.

I had a great deal of fun doing a little Product Photography in the Woods yesterday. It was actually quite awesome. But I also used the same Stump a little to much, and I used a nice mossy Area I found to little.

And I only got a little concerned when the Fire Siren in Buntenbock went off. But that was only a little Grass Fire near the Main Road from Osterode to Clausthal.

My 10-18mm Lens.

My personal favourite is a vertical Shot of my Apple Watch on that Bark ladden Tree Stump though. You can find that on my Instagram.

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