Back in the Woods.

I have been at the Prinzenteich before, but back then it was full of Algae. And it smelled really bad. So, after finishing up at work, I decided to there again. And this times, it was actually quite nice.

This time, I was lucky to be able to drive to the Prinzenteich Parking Lot, because the Road was closed for Logging Operations right beyond the place. There were a lot of other Cars there, but I did not meet many People.

At the Prinzenteich.

After finding myself a nice little Spot at the Teich, I had a very simple Lunch in the Sun. It was really awesome! But it was also not why I made the Journey to the Prinzenteich. I drove there to do some Photography.

And the Light today was awesome! There were bright Areas and nice, beautiful Shadows. Also, the Sky was blue and there where a few, light Clouds. I absolutely loved it.

The Dam of the Prinzenteich.

After a while, I then decided to head a little deeper into the Woods for some nice Woodland Photography. On the way there, I met a cute little Dog, but you would have to go to my Instagram to see that.

To do that, I actually drove back towards Osterode for a little and stopped my Car on the side of the Road for a little while, put on my Hazard Lights, and walked into the Forest.

Deep in the Woods.

I really like the Weather lately. It inspires me to do Photography way more than the Rain and the Clouds of the last weeks. And that is a good thing.

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