Getting another Stamp [HWN 127]

Today was a beautiful day. And since my Gym has closed, I decided to go out on a little Hike in the Harz.

I ended up going to the Jägersbleeker Teich, because of the local Stempelstelle, numbered 127 in the Wandernadel System. It was good getting out for a short time after spending all weekend indoors. But do not worry, there were very few People around. And I kept my distance to the two cyclists I saw.

The Hütte at the Jägersbleeker Teich.

After parking my Car at the side of a forestry road, and having some Lunch, I then started my Journey to get that Stempel.

The Weather today was awesome, but it was also quite windy, and therefore also rather chilly. I actually liked that. A lot.

On my Way to the Teich.

After getting a lot of Stamps in the beginning of the Year, I slowed down quite a bit this February because of the bad Weather. And I wanted to pick up the Pace again, now that is sun is out more frequently again.

But now I am not sure how long it is going to take me to get my Golden Wandernadel, as it is more important to stay healthy than to get an achievement marker that does not run away anyways.

My Sammelpass.

Today’s Hike was actually quite awesome. I had a lot of fun getting that Wandernadel Stamp today. And now I am going to stay at home until I have to work again.

And even though I only walked around 3.5kilometres, I had a really good time outdoors. I really needed that for a change.

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