Trees & Sunlight.

Trees are awesome. They take CO2 and, in through Photosynthesis turn it into Oxygen and Wood. They do look really cool as well. Especially in Areas where there are a lot of Needle Trees like Pines in an Area. Like in the Harz.

And I am not talking of Wooded Mountainsides shot from afar. That gets you awesome results as well, but everyone can do that.

Into the Woods.

I am talking of Tree Trunk Photography, were you go into the Forest and take Pictures of all the Trees standing there in perfect, symmetric asymmetry. And yes, I know that sounds weird: How can something be Symmetrical and Asymmetrical at the same time?

Those Trees are all standing there, growing straight into the Air, where a lot of them where planted for the Mining Industry in days long gone. That is where the Symmetry Part comes from. The Asymmetry on the other Hand stems purely from Nature itself. No two Trees are the same, and that is good.

More Tree Trunks.

And when the Sun shines into the Forest from the right Angle, it creates awesome Shadows and Highlights, depending on how those Trees have grown and how many there are in any given Location.

Every metre of Forest is different and unique in its own way. Sometimes, there is a lot of undergrowth, sometimes there is not. In one place the ground may be very bumpy, a few metres in the other direction it may be flat. That is was makes Forests awesome and beautiful.

This ground is bumpy.

And it is also why I love Forests and Tree Trunk Photography. Every Foto is different, even if there are only slight changes. Just like every Forest ist unique, despite there being only a few differences to the untrained eye.

Diversity in Nature, and in everything else, is just so beautiful and awesome, that I really can not imagine living without it. If every Forest where the same, it would be boring.

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