Taking my GoPro on a Walk.

After not having used it for a while, I decided to take my GoPro out on my Walk today. After Work, I drove up into the Harz, towards Dammhaus, to get a little bit of Fresh Air.

Arriving there, I put on my Chesty, mounted the GoPro and hit record. I then made my Way into the Forest for some more Tree Trunk Photography.

In the Forest.

Lately, I am trying to get more Video Content out, and also to learn that Stuff by doing it. And since I have a GoPro Hero 5 since 2016, I decided to use it a little more.

I had also gotten myself a Chesty last Year to be able to use my Canon M5 to take Pictures while filming with the GoPro. And while I had a Head Strap since pretty much Day One, I really do prefer the Chest Mount.

Some Harvester Tracks.

Since I really no Tree Trunk Photography lately, I did some more of it today. That Stuff really does not get boring, yet. I guess that is because every Foto you get is different, and nothing ever stays the same in Nature. At least not for long.

It might get boring for my Instagram Followers though, but as of now, my Tree Trunk Fotos have some of the higher Engagement Rates on my Feed.

My GoPro on a Tree Stump.

I also took a few Pictures of my GoPro on a Tree Stump while it was filming me. That part is also in the YouTube Video.

I had a lot of Fun in the Sun and in the Forest today. But I also did not stay as long or get any Wandernadel Stamps today, because it was also very windy and cold. Anyhow, I think I am going to bring my GoPro along on Hikes a little more often in the Future.

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