Revisiting the Evermacro Device.

About one Year ago, I blew my own Mind with the Evermacro Device, a small Adapter that allows you to turn any Lens into a Macro Lens.

And since I am currently only going outside when I need to, I thought that it would be a nice Idea to revisit that magical Tool by doing some Macro Coin Photography.

A 1965 Canadian Nickel.

Sadly, I currently only have one interesting Coin available, as most of my ‘Collection’ is at my Moms House. But I guess that the lone 1965 Canadian Nickel is good enough. Those beavered things are my favourite Coins anyways.

The Evermacro Device works by reversing your Lens, and thus reversing the path that the Light takes through it. Camera Lenses are designed to focus what ever Angle of View they Capture on a circle that Covers your Cameras Sensor.

Some Detail.

A Wide Angle Lens for example squishes a lot of Scene onto a very small Sensor. And by reverting that Mechanism, it it magnifies a tiny circle into a huge one. But since your Sensor Size is not affected by this at all, your Image becomes magnified as well.

The only downside is that this principle only works up close to your Subject, and that you can not really focus at all, except by moving the Lens closer to whatever you are shooting or further away from it.

The Reverse. (Without Light)

Also, the Magnification you get is greatly affected by the Focal Length of your Lens. While Wide Lens can get you a lot of Magnification, a Telephoto Lens gives you less of it, as it Captures a smaller Angle of View to begin with.

In any Case, reversed Macro is quite a lot of Fun and definitely costs less than a dedicated Macro Lens. And if your are just getting started, the same Principles apply.

My Light.

For Example, you will need a lot of Light. And since your Lens blocks a lot of it, an external Light Source might be necessary.

Also, the Lowe your Aperture, the shallower your Depth of Field, especially at such close distances. You might want to stop down your Lens quite a bit. But when you do that, you will need even more Light.

The Evermacro Device.

But when you know what you are doing, you can get some great Results at a low Cost. And if you really like Macro Photoshop, you can still get a real Macro Lens afterwards.

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