Common Photography Mistakes I make.

Photography is awesome. But there are a lot of things you might do that can mar the experience. And I am definitely no Stranger to those Mistakes.

One of such Mistake are dead Batteries. Those can really end your day prematurely and not very nicely.

In the Harz.

I usually always have at least one spare Battery for my Camera with me, but lately, I often forget to put back into my Backpack after charging.

Luckily, my Camera has not yet died on a Shoot, but I definitely came to close for my liking. And it definitely would be very bad if an empty Battery would keep me from getting the Fotos I want to get.

Another Issue I often run into are wrong Camera Settings. Usually, when I shoot in lower Light Conditions, I switch from Aperture to Shutter Priority and then set my Shutter Speed to about 1/50 Seconds to avoid unwanted Motion Blur.

But sometimes, I then forget to put my Camera back into Aperture Priority and end up with grossly overexposed Shots at ƒ/22. And that happens to me way too often. It is really annoying. I also do not really like ƒ/22.

On an earlier Hike, near Elend.

Another common mistake I have done for way to long is following the Rules as if they were Law and I would get punished for breaking them. After a while, I then found out that the Rules more than often stand in the way of getting a beautiful Foto.

It is definitely good to know those standard Rules of Composition like the Rule of Thirds, but it might as well be worth it to not stick to them every now and then. Some Rules are meant to be broken, after all.

Somewhere in a Forest.

The Final stupid thing that I always do is forgetting to Clean my Camera and my Lenses. And a dirty Lens rarely yields good looking Results. And Sensor Spots because of Dust are just the worst. Especially when I forget to change my Settings and they become way more pronounced because of the tight Aperture.

Also, it is a good idea to check if your Lens Hood is on correctly when you get your Camera out of your bag. Otherwise, you can end up with a very ugly Vignette that is only on two Corners of the Foto. That happened to me just yesterday.

What a weird Car.

No one is immune from making Mistakes. We are all just Human at the end of the Day. And even though one Photoshoot might go bad, it does not mean that all will.

What kind of Mistakes have you made? Let us know in the Comments!

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