Why it is important to clean your Gear.

Dirty Camera Gear inevitably leads to Problems down the Road. And even though your Camera is just a Tool to you, it is generally a good Idea to take Care of your Tools.

Cleaning your Kit is quite easy. You just have to do it every now and then. And the easiest way to plan your Cleaning Intervals is to just do it after every Shoot.

Sensor Dust.

Sensor Dust is definitely the worst kind of of Dirt you can get into your Camera. And if you do not clean your Camera, the possibility of Dirt getting onto that Sensor gets higher and higher with every Lens Change. Especially in Mirrorless Cameras.

To clean your Camera you need to follow several Steps. Your first Job is it to get the Coarse dirt of your Camera. A simple Rocket Blower. An help you with that.

In the Harz.

When that Part is done, a fine Brush can do a good Job with all the fine Debris that is left over on your Camera. Just make sure your Brush does not loose its bristles all over your Gear.

You should have a Lens or your Body Cap on your Camera when doing all this. Because if you leave your Sensor exposed, it gets dusty. There are ways to clean a dirty Sensor, but I never did that myself so far. I prefer to have the local Camera Store doing that for me.

A dirty Lens.

After your Camera is clean, your Lenses, as well as Screens and View Finders need some attention as well. For those jobs, I use lint free Microfibre Cloths that I get at the local Drug Store for very little money. It is important to make sure that your Cloth is clean before using it though, as scratches really suck.

Another good tool for cleaning Lenses are Lens Pens. Those come with a brush and an oil absorbing Carbon Pad. But they also cost quite a bit and should be replaced regularly.

On the Brocken.

In conclusion, only clean, well maintained Tools can do their Job good. And now you maybe know a little more about flea your Gear. Or maybe you have known all along, and that would be even better.

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