Hiking in the Snow [HWN 154 & 155]

After a Weekend at home, I really had to go outside for a bit after Work today. And after some deliberation, I decided to go for a short Hike near St. Andreasberg in the Harz.

When I arrived at the Parking Lot at the Trail, there were a few Cars already there. But luckily, I did not really meet any other People on the actual Hike.

On the Trail.

When I started my Hike, it started Snowing a little. And I actually liked that quite a bit. We did not have much Snow during the ‘real’ Winter, and I thought that we would not have any until the End of this Year.

But since it had Snowed a little yesterday as well, there was actually quite a bit of White on the Ground. So much of it, that I missed a Mudd Puddle and pretty much face planted right away.

Another Trail at the Dreibodestein.

After just one Kilometre, I then reached the first of two Stempelstellen of today at the Dreibodestein, numbered 154 in the Wandernadel System. After getting my Stamp there, I made my way back towards the Car to cross the Road and head on towards my secondary goal.

When I was almost at the parking Lot, I then actually saw some other Hikers, but they where about 100 Metres away from me, so everything is fine.

On the other side of the Road.

After crossing the main Road, I then followed a service Road all the way to the other Stempelstelle at the Rehbergs Grabenhaus. That one has the number 155.

On the Way there, what started as some light Snowfall became more and more intense with every Step I took. It was awesome, but it was also freezing Cold. I really was underprepared for Snow.

Some People walking their Dog.

There where some People around, but again, we all kept our Distance. After about another one and a half Kilometres from the Parking Lot, I then reached the Rehberger Grabenhaus to get my Stamp.

But since the Snowfall was still increasing and the Temperatures where still falling quite rapidly, I did not linger around there for long.

The Rehberger Grabenhaus.

On the Way back to my Car I then had to pack away my Camera, because it was really accumulating way to much Snow. And I myself was doing the same.

I had a lot of fun Hiking in the Snow a little today. It was awesome. And I got two new Wandernadel Stamps. And that is always nice.

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