Contrasting Colours.

I really love Landscape Photography. It is awesome. And also a lot of fun.

I also really like it to have something Colourful in my Landscape Fotos. And usually, it is man made. And it gives my Landscape Photos the extra kick.

A Canadian National (CN) Train.

This Foto I took in Canada back in 2014 not only demonstrates Contrast through Colour quite nicely, it the Train Engine depicted also gives a great sense of Scale.

Most Locomotives are really big. But those Trees where even taller. They practically dwarfed that ‘little’ a thing.

I took this Foto with my old iPhone 4s back then. The Train was moving quite fast and I just did not have the time to get out the ‘Travel Zoom’ Camera I had back then, a Sony HX20v.

An Orange Excavator. And a Truck.

The last few Weeks I have always seen this Orange Excavator doing its thing on the Gypsum Cliffs in Osterode when I was going to Work. But it was always gone when I finally had the Time to get a Foto of it after Work.

This Monday I was then finally able to get what I wanted. A Foto of that Excavator. In fact, I got more than I bargained for. There was also a little Yellow Truck carrying away the Gypsum Rock that was excavated, and it was just in the process of being loaded. And I it looks absolutely amazing.

Again, the Foto does not only show an awesome Colour Contrast, but it also exhibits the massive Scale of those Gypsum Cliffs. They reached are rather tall.

On the Brocken, back in 2019.

My favourite Colour Contrast Foto is still this Picture I took on top of the Brocken last Year. Without that Stranger in the Red Coat, it would just be of a White Landscape against some White Trees.

But because of that Person, it is also about the huge Scale of the Harz. It is about Exploring the unknown, about People embracing the Cold to discover that beautiful Mountain. I really love that Foto. And I absolutely can not believe that I originally wanted to edit the Red Stranger out of it. That would have been a huge Mistake.

A different kind of Colour Contrast.

Even though that Harvester in this Foto taken at them Hasenbacher Teich is also Green, it still creates an awesome Colour Contrast. That is because most natural things here in the Harz are, in fact, not Neon Green.

Again, that Machine is absolutely dwarfed by the Trees. And I love it.

And even though the Colour Contrast is much more subtle, I still love it.

My Backpack again.

Even the Canadian Flag on my Backpack is pretty much just there for the Colour, just like the Photokina Patch next to it. The standard brownish Colour of it really does not create any good Contrast, so I had to add some.

I really love Contrasting Colours in my Photography. But since I go most places by my self, I am purely relying on Things and or People that are there or that I can bring with me. And I do not own any Colourful Coats, so I am definitely out of the Picture for now.

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