Geotagging is Cool.

I love taking Fotos in the Harz. It is a lot of fun of Exploring the Area, Hiking all about the Place and Capturing it all with my Camera.

But as much as I hate to admit, it is sometimes Hard to know where a certain Picture was taken. That is where Geotagging comes into play. It allows you to add GPS Data to your Fotos Metadata. And with that, you know where a Picture was taken without having to remember what you did on a certain Day.

Screenshot of the iOS Photos App.

You can also plot all of your Fotos onto a nice little Map. Instagram once had a Map Feature, but it was removed. But most Foto Management Apps have Map Features built in.

I absolutely love it to go to the Map in the iOS Photos App every once in a while just to see all the Places that I have been and where I shot some Fotos all in one Place. It is awesome.

In the Snow last Monday.

I once had a Camera with built in GPS, but that Feature died when it took a dunk in a Lake in Algonquin Park back in 2014. A Friend had tipped over our Canoe.

Sadly, my current Camera, a Canon M5 lacks internal GPS. And while I can record Location Data with Canons Camera Connect App to transfer them to the Camera later, I have to remember to turn that on. And I usually forget.

Last Week in the Woods. No GPS.

I also have to have my Phone connected to the Camera with WiFi to transfer the Location Data, but I guess hat is okay. I also can connect the two with Bluetooth, but that is only useful for simple remote shooting. And I have got a infrared remote for that. Because it is less of a hassle to use.

Anyhow, I really think of Geotagging as a very useful Tool to use. It is no necessarily über important, but I like to know where my Fotos where taken.

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