Back to the Kuckholzklippe: A Video.

Last Friday, I had a very short Hike to the Kuckholzklippe just north of Lerbach. I had a great time returning there after almost 2 years.

I did not only take Fotos there though. I also brought my GoPro and filmed the whole Walk. And of that 50 Minutes of Material, I made a short Video today.

On my Way to the Kuckholzklippe.

On that Hike, I also climbed an Observation Tower despite my Fear of Heights. But the Views where definitely worth it. I was almost able to see my House, if it would not have been for the slightly larger House right in front of it.

I was able to see parts of Buntenbock, but that Place was mostly covered up by Trees. So I did not take Pictures of it.

Osterode and Parts of Lerbach.

I had the greatest Time during my very short Hike to the Kuckholzklippe last Friday. And I have already planned a new Hike, but that one is way longer. If I ever do that, it will take me all the Way from Buntenbock to Osterode, covering almost 14km and about 300 Metres of Height difference.

But I guess that is for when I am comfortable with taking the Bus again. Because I would need to take a Bus to get to Buntenbock, or to retrieve my Car.

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