2020: So far.

2020 is still quite young, but since everything is changing right now, I assembled a short list of my favourite Fotos of this Year so far.

And it has definitely not been easy to decide.

The Light was awesome on this one.

Just at the End of January, I captured this Foto in Osterode just to Compare some Lenses. I never originally intended to actually share it, but the Light was just to awesome. I could not let the Foto just sit on my Hard Drive.

I had also just changed my editing up a little, so that is also in there.

In the Woods somewhere.

Lately, I am really into Woodland, or Tree Trunk Photography. The natural Symmetry that lies in those Forests is just so very beautiful and calming. I absolutely love it.

And this Foto is definitely one of my favourite so far.

Near Schwiegershausen.

My last Pick would be this Foto I took near Schwiegershausen this March. I did not think much of it back then, but it kinda grew on me.

2020 was a good Year for most of it, but with all the Change going around, I thought some nice Fotos for Easter would be nice. I also wish you all a happy Easter.

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