Blue Hour is beautiful.

Even though I was not able to take a lot of Pictures this past few weeks, I still love Photography. A lot. And Today, tried to break out of my Creative Slump with some Blue Hour Photography.

After a long Day of doing pretty much nothing, I cracked open my rear Window and then took my Table Top Tripod to the window sill to Capture exactly one useable Photo.

Blue Hour in Osterode.

Planning plays a huge part in Landscape Photography. You need to know where you want to go, what you want to shoot, the Weather and a lot of other things.

But you also need to know where the Sun is going to be at what Time to make sure if your plans would actually work out. For that, I use an App called PhotoPills. There are other Apps out there that pretty much do the same, I just happened to choose PhotoPills back in the day

PhotoPills shows you a lot of Information.

Anyways, I really love Blue Hour. It looks really awesome, especially when you tune your White Balance to quite warm in Post.

Another Foto from a few days ago.

*I have no affiliation with PhotoPills and paid for the App myself.

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