That Time my Camera took a dive.

Last Year I spent a whole week rail tripping the Netherlands. It was awesome. I also spend a day in Rotterdam, and I really liked it there.

But I also had one really heart breaking Moment. My Camera somehow detached from the Lens I was using, and that was connected to my Camera Strap, and took a dive onto some Streetcar Tracks. And a Streetcar narrowly missed it. It was really awful.

The evening before the Drop.

Back then, I was staying at the famous Cube Houses. I actually had a hard time locating the Hostel there, but it was awesome. And I actually took one of my favourite Pictures of the Trip there.

On the morning of that fateful Day I dropped my Camera, I was doing a walking tour of Rotterdam, called Rondje Rotterdam. The best Part of that was visiting the Markthal. I had way to much food there.

Rotterdams Markthal at Night.

But on the way there, Disaster struck. I still have no Idea how it happened, but somehow my Camera decided to dive onto active Streetcar Tracks. I must have somehow hit the Lens Release and then somehow twist the Lens far enough to detach it.

My Heart sank to the bottom of my Pants. I was completely destroyed. I thought the Camera was completely destroyed, or at least the Photo Sensor. But luckily, it was not. It was a bit scratched up, but my little Canon M5 took the dive pretty much without complaining.

Where I dropped the Camera.

After dropping the Camera, I took a boat tour of Rotterdams Harbour to skip the time until my Train would leave for Eindhoven. I had a great Time in the Netherlands. It was awesome.

And my Camera still works very good, dare I say flawlessly.

At Rotterdam Centraal.

And the Rest of my Trip, except for the way Home that took me way longer than it should have, was very nice as well. Eindhoven is definitely not a bad place to visit.

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