Black & White.

Usually, I shoot and edit my Fotos in Colour. And usually, that is all I need. But sometimes, Black & White Fotos just look way better. Sometimes, I really love it to leave all those beautiful Colours aside and go fully Monochrome.

There are Fotos that really do not work in Black & White. But there are others that really live from the absolute absence of Colour.

Street Photography in Hamburg.

I never liked this Street Foto I took at the Fischmarkt in Hamburg in Colour. It just did not turn out as I had envisioned it. But I really do like it in Monochrome.

Street Photography looks better in Black & White most of the Time anyways.

In Rotterdam.

I never considered this Foto I took in Rotterdam as good. I never even considered editing it in Black & White until yesterday, when I searched my Hard Drives for Fotos to use in my Camera Drop Storey.

And since then, I edited it three different Times to get my Monochrome Game up a little. Also, I had to get my lines straight. Crooked buildings just look really bad when thy are not meant to be crooked.

Black & White Tree Trunks.

But Street Photography is not the only Style that works great without Colour. Even though Nature looks it’s absolute best in Colour, Tree Trink also go really nicely without.

Black & White removes all those distractions that can come from Colour.

Great in Black & White (but also in Colour).

Sometimes, I really love Black & White Photography. It is awesome. But usually, I go with Colour. And I doubt that that will change anytime soon.

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