At the Oderteich.

Yesterday after Work, I really needed some fresh Air. And after some deliberation, I decided to go to the Oderteich in the Harz.

I had a great, albeit short time there. But this Story is not about that. It is about how I almost lost every single Picture I took at the Teich. And it is not a nice one.

At the Oderteich.

When I arrived at the Oderteich, the Weather had shifted from very nice to nice and windy, but that was okay. There were also many People around, but I kept my distance.

I also managed to shoot a few quite nice Fotos. I even recorded a GPS Log to geotag all my Fotos with the Canon Connect App. It all worked out really nicely.

A mountain biker.

But when I got home, and after having dinner, tried to import all my Fotos into Lightroom, they were nowhere to be found. The folder that my Camera had created was still there, as was its index file.

The Camera also still displayed the same number of shots left that it did before. But again, my Fotos where nowhere to be found. They also did not copy to my Backup Hard Drive when I tried that.

One of the recovered Files.

I then downloaded several free Data Recovery Apps. They found my Fotos, but not a single of the free Versions was able to recover anything, as there was a high pay wall.

The last App I tried at least let me recover 2 Gigabytes of Data. But with RAW Files, that really does not translate to many Fotos. But at that time, I had already wasted many hours with all the other Apps I had tried, and it was nearing midnight.

The Oderparksee is really beautiful.

So I only really edited one of my recovered Fotos to put on Instagram. And luckily, I still have some SD Cards left. I will be keeping the corrupted one unused until I can get a real recovery on the way. I secured it with some electrical tape for now.

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