The Dammgraben.

The Harz is always beautiful. And today, I enjoyed a short walk at the Dammgraben just out of Altenau.

And I had a great time. It was nice and warm outside, and I enjoyed the sun a lot. And although it was also a little windy, it was awesome.

At the Dammgraben.

The Dammgraben is an old Graben of the Oberharzer Wasserregal and was once used to collect water to be used in the Mining Industry back in the day. At 19 kilometres, it is the longest artificial Graben in the Oberharz.

As a part of the Oberharzer Wasserregal it is also included in the corresponding UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can find out more about that on the World Heritage List here.

A Motorcycle in the distance.

The Harz and its curvy Roads are also very much liked by Motorcyclists. During Springtime and Summer, you can see hoards of them pretty much everywhere. And for a good reason.

The Harz is the northernmost Mountain-range in Germany, and there are a lot of People coming from Northern Germany and, in particular, the Netherlands, to enjoy our beautiful Nature. And also to ride Motorcycles.

The Dammgraben in the Woods.

Today, the Area was pretty ich empty though, apart from a couple walking their dog and a regular old Mountainbiker. It was so nice and quiet, I had all of the Birds Songs for my self.

I also saw a few Birds at some kind of feeding Area someone had set up, but I came ill equipped for Bird Photography. But I almost got a Foto of a beautiful Blue Tit, or Blaumeise as it is called here in Germany. Sadly, it was to quick and got away.

The Mountainbiker.

I also shot some Video at the Dammgraben today. There will be a Video coming to YouTube soon.

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