The Dammgraben Video.

Yesterday, I spent some time at the Dammgraben near Altenau. There, I not only shot some Fotos and enjoyed the Sun, I also filmed a few short Videoclips.

During the Foto shooting part, I had initially gotten my Settings completely wrong, accidentally still having my Camera set to a Shutter Speed of 1/50 from the night before. That let to my Camera using some ridiculous Aperture Values like f/29. But I am happy with the results I got, and that is what counts.

At the Dammgraben.

Yesterday evening, I then took the time to edit all those short Videoclips I shot at the Dammgraben and assembled them into a still quite short movie that I have since uploaded to YouTube.

I actually quite like it. You can hear the Water flowing, the Birds singing and the Wind blowing. That is why I did not put any Music in the background.

The Dammgraben Video.

The Day before Easter, I had also shot a little Video of my Family Cat enjoying the Sun and being totally weird about it rolling around in the coarse Gravel. I guess that stuff must feel good to a cat.

I also put that Video on YouTube.

A Kitty called Stella.

I hope you enjoy those two very short Videos.

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