The longest Hike [HWN 137, 138 & 140]

I love Hiking in the Harz. Nature is beautiful here, and I can collect Wandernadel Stamps, which is awesome. Today, I went for a real long Hike.

It all started in Buntenbock, where we had to find a parking space first of all. But we managed. From there, our Path took us past the Sumpfteich towards the Bärenbrucher Teich.

At the Ziegenberger Teich.

I already had collected the Stamp at the Bärenbrucher Teich, numbered 137, but my Mom had not. The Area also looked way better than it did in January.

From there, we turned towards Osterode to get our Stamps at the Braunseck, HWN 138, where Buntenbock has its completely Train free Train Station. The Wanderhütte there is called Bahnhof because a Train Line was once planned between Osterode and Buntenbock.

In the Forest.

At the Braunseck, we got really confused as of where to go, but we figured it out eventually. At that time, we had only finished a small part of hour Hike, and we still had quite a distance to go.

And it was a beautiful trail. There were Viewpoints and Trees and pretty much everything else you would expect to find in the Harz.

At the Ski Loft in Lerbach.

On our way to the Eselsplatz we came past the Ski Lift in Lerbach. There, I entered our Hike into the Hexenstieg Book.

Eventually, we arrived at the Eselsplatz to get our Stamps there. That Station is numbered 140. But we were not done yet, as we still had to make our Way into Osterode.

At the Eselsplatz.

When we finally arrived in Osterode, I made a quick visit to the Cemetery to visit both of my granddads graves. I do miss them both a lot.

After leaving the Cemetery, we did not have to go far anymore before arriving home. It was a very beautiful, but also very exhausting Hike. And as is customary in these times, we kept our distance all the way.

Going the 15.5 kilometres from Buntenbock to Osterode was no easy feet. In fact, I am still very exhausted. But I would definitely do it again.

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