I still Print.

Photography is awesome. And usually, I review my edited Fotos on a screen, either on my laptop or on the iPad, and that is usually fine. Then I upload my favourites here and/ or on Instagram.

But sometimes, it is just not enough. And when that happens, I break out my trusty old Photo Printer and print myself some 15cm x 10cm Fotos. Usually, they come out very nice, but sometimes they do not.

At the Dammgraben.

But usually, nine out of ten Prints come out really nice. And then, after inspecting the Foto, I put it on my wall.

By now, I have two walls filled with beautiful Prints. And I am just about to start putting Fotos on the third. I really do love my Foto Walls. They always inspire me to do more and get better in whatever it is I am doing at the time.

When I want some larger sized Prints, I usually order them online, as the Quality is way better than it is at the local drugstore.

From the Oderteich.

Sometimes, I do not put my Prints on my Wall though. Sometimes, I turn them into beautiful Postcards to send to friends and family. And while I have significantly streamlined my process, I am still making them myself.

And yes, I have bought Postcards before, but the homemade ones have that personal touch you just can not get any other way. Now I only need my own Postcard backings.

From Sunday’s Hike.

I have also done my own Photo Book in the Past. As a gift for my mom. It was a beautiful experience, but I have to say that I actually prefer professionally printed Books. They just look way better than what I am able to put together.

And I am currently working on a new Photo Book about the Harz. Maybe I will even publish that, if I find out how such things work, especially with taxes and such things.

Near Hattorf.

Overall, I really love Prints. And while printing obviously costs some money for paper and ink, that is money well spent. Or at least it is in my book.

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