Hiking around Schulenberg [HWN 124]

After counting all the Wandernadel Stamps I already have in my Wanderpass, I came up with a count of 23. And that was just one Stamp shy of me being eligible to get a golden Wandernadel.

Naturally, I had to change that. And after searching for a nice little Stamp to get, I decided to go for Stamp Number 124. And no, the pun did not get past me. It is why I chose the Stempelstelle in Schulenberg. There is obviously also a 24 in the System, but that would have been to far of a drive for today.

In Schulenberg.

So after buying myself something to drink, I made my Way up into the Harz. And after finding a suitable parking lot, I then started my Journey to the Stamp on Schulenbergs Skulpturenpfad. There are a lot of smaller Sculptures along that Path.

After a short while, and around 800 metres from where I started, I then reached the Stempelstelle. There, I put way to much ink on my Stamp, which lead to the Stamp being pretty much illegible. Luckily, it still counts though.

My new Hiking Poles.

My Mom had gotten me some beautiful Hiking Poles for Easter this Year. And I do have to say that they make Hiking a lot easier. They are a worthy addition to my kit.

From the Stempelstelle, I then returned to the Skulpturenpfad to continue my Hike. After walking through the Forest a little, I then arrived back in Schulenberg. I do not think that I have ever been there before.

A Swing on the Skulpturenpfad.

From there, my Journey would take me along Asphalt Roads and Stone Sidewalks, so I put my Hiking Poles onto my Backpack and carried on without them, as I did not wanted to damage their Spikes to much.

From Schulenberg, you have a beautiful View over the Okertalsperre. When that Talsperre was built, the whole Village was act relocated from the bottom of the Valley to the Mountain. When the Water is low, you can still see some old Roads and Bridges.

The Okertalsperre from Schulenberg.

At only three Kilometres, today’s Hike really was not that long at all. In fact, it was rather short. But that was pretty much all I had time for today. At least the Weather was quite nice.

When I then came back through Clausthal on my way Home, I was straight out of luck though. The local Tourist Information had already closed its doors for the day. And so I was unable to get my golden Wandernadel.

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