Accidental Street Photography.

I usually consider myself a Travel/ Landscape Photographer. But sometimes, I really do enjoy some Street Photography. It can be really awesome.

Also, Street Photography is a great Way to showcase foreign Cultures and City Life.

Berlin 2016.

Usually, Street Photography is quite intimate, showing People doing their thing quite prominently. My Style is different. In my Fotos People fulfill more of a secondary role. I am just not to comfortable with being in the space of strangers.

Also, it is easier to capture things from afar. When people are not noticing you, or when they do not think that they are in your Foto, they behave more genuine. And I believe that is what Street Photography about, after all.

Rotterdam 2019.

Most of the time though, my Street Photography is more accidental than deliberate. When that happens, I usually do not pay too much attention to a Foto, find it buried on a Hard Drive a few years later and then think that I actually like them.

I rarely go out with the Goal of doing some Street Photography. To me, it usually happens when I see something that I think would make a cool Foto. I do not seek for Fotos, they find me.

Berlin 2017.

And when I go out with the goal of Street Photography, I never find anything to shoot. But that is okay.

And that is also why I like it when I do find something to shoot. It feels even more rewarding when I am not expecting to get any results.

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