Colourful Streets.

Usually, Street Photography looks best in Black and White. But sometimes, Colourful Street Fotos also look quite nice.

And since I came across some Motives today, again without having planned to do any Street Photography. In fact, I was just in Town to drop off some Postcards at the Post Office.

A red coat in the distance.

But as I have written yesterday, accidental Street Photography is the best kind of Street Photography. I usually do not go out with getting anything, but then I sometimes do. And when that happens, it is even more rewarding.

In fact, I rarely ever plan for any of my Photography, except for when I want to get a certain look, then planning is actually crucial.

A cyclist.

After having dropped off my two Postcards, I then decided to spend some more time outside to suck up as much fresh air as possible. And that is when I did a little Street Photography.

Since I always have my Camera with me, it is easy to just grab it out of my Backpack and then take some Fotos with it. Today, I just had my 22mm f/2.0 with me, but I really love that little Lens. It can produce some really beautiful Fotos.

Someone at the Parking Lot.

I did not capture just Street Fotos today though. In fact, I only ever took a few. Some situations speak to me, and other just do not.

But that is how it usually goes with me and Photography, no matter what I am shooting at the time.


Today was not all nice though, I also waited for a Package today,but it never arrived. I hope it does so tomorrow. I am very exited for what is in the Box.

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