At the Kuttelbacher Teich

Today was a beautiful day. And after Work, I just had to spend a little time in the open air. And since there is currently a Wandernadel Sonderstempel at the Kuttelbacher Teich near Hahnenklee, I decided to go there.

After finding the Stempelstelle and stamping my Wanderpass, I decided to walk around the Teich mostly because it was right next to the Parking Lot, and that was not far enough. But I also wanted to get a little more fresh air.

The Kuttelbacher Teich.

I have been to Hahnenklee before. But I never actually visited the Kuttelbacher Teich, or at least not that I can remember. And that is kind of a shame. The Teich is very beautiful and so full of life.

There were tons of little fish swimming around and hunting insects for food. I find it oddly relaxing to watch fish breaking the water.

The Restaurant at the Teich.

There is also a small Cafe/ Restaurant at the Kuttelbacher Teich, but except for a small Kiosk, that is obviously closed right now. And that Kiosk had shut its doors for the day just before I arrived in Hahnenklee.

I had something to drink with me anyways, so that was no problem for me. The Architecture of that place looks really nice though, and I think it fits very well in its environment.

The Path around the Teich.

After I finished my short round around the Kuttelbacher Teich, I then headed into Hahnenklee for yet another short stroll around the Gustav Adolf Stabkirche. I really love that little Norwegian-style Building a lot, and I made a habit of always going around it at least once when I am in Hahnenklee.

It is probably also one of the most photographed Churches I know of. And I can definitely see why. It is a very beautiful Church indeed.

My Family also has some history there, as my Grandparents on my Fathers side got married there, obviously long before I was ever even thought of.

The Stabkirche in Hahnenklee.

The package I was waiting for yesterday arrived while I was at Work by the way, so I can get out and do my thing with it’s contents tomorrow, or maybe on Friday.

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