Pocket Knives.

Almost a week ago I ordered myself a new Pocket Knife. I have not had one since I lost my Victorinox in some Canadian Lake back in 2014.

My new Knife arrived yesterday. And I really like it. It is ergonomic, easy to use and almost too sharp. The frame lock might be a little stiff, but I have no problems opening my little Gerber Kettlebell one-handed.

The Knife.

Pocket Knives are very versatile, especially when you are out exploring. They are pretty much essential when you want to have a little Picknick somewhere in the middle of nowhere. How else would you cut your Apples?

You can also use them to sharpen your marshmallow sticks if you are into s’mores. I really miss it to sit at the Campfire with Friends. The last years where always too dry to light up.

In the Forest.

Another great use for Knives is Mail. You can easily slice open any Letters and Boxes you might receive. Letter Openers just do that one thing very good, and most wont even go through tape to good.

In fact, Knives are very useful in a lot of situations. Even if you just use them to cut up your Sausage when you are out Hiking.

The Knife.

There are Knives for everyone. And you really do not have to break the Bank to get one. There are great options for around 20-30€, but you can also get lucky and pick one up on Sale for way less then that.

Off course there are more expensive Options, but I do not really care for those. I would be to afraid to use them.

The Apenke.

Knives are great Tools to have around, especially when you like it to Explore in the Forest or have a Picknick in the Wild. Just try not to cut yourself, that can really hurt.

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