Wandernadel Level 3

Last week, I got my 24th Wandernadel Stamp. Coincidentally that is also the number of Stamps required to get the Golden Wandernadel. Back then, the Tourist Information had already closed though, and I was unable to purchase the corresponding Pin.

Today, that was different. I managed to get there before 3pm and got what I was after with just Minutes to spare.

In the Forest.

Afterwards, I went into the Forest to take a few Pictures of the Wandernadel. And since I really enjoy Tree Trunk Photography, I also did some of that.

I had a lot of fun stumbling through the undergrowth trying to find a suitable Tree Stump or something of that sort to use as a prop. I found a few.

The Wandernadel with my Pocket Knive.

Since I also had my new Pocket Knife with me, I thought that the two might look good together, and I think they did. That is another thing Knives are good at: Flat Lay Props.

Back to my Golden Wandernadel: It took me a long time to get that thing after being able to ascend from Bronze to Silver in just 14 Days. That is partially due to bad Weather in February. But I think it was mostly my fault for getting a bit lazy.

A Forestry Road.

To get to the next Wandernadel Level, the Wanderkönig, will now take me quite a while again. Not because I am lazy, in fact I have a short Hike planned to the Wolfswarte. It just takes another 26 Stamps to get to the 50 necessary for coronation.

But I think I should be able to do it.

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