HWN: Silver to Gold.

Recently, I advanced from the Silver Wandernadel to the Golden one. It took me quite a bit longer than getting from Bronze to Silver, but in the end I managed. This is my Journey.

I got my first Stamp towards the Golden Wandernadel during a University Field Trip. I was an awesome Experience discovering the Rammelsberg Mine.

At the Mine.

My first Hike took me to the Verlobungsinsel in the Okertal. I had originally planned to go for more than just one Stamp back then, but the weather was awful.

I was lucky to have a spare pair of Shoes in the Car.

In the Okertal.

14 Days later I then had the Chance to get another Stamp at the Jägersbleeker Teich. It was a beautiful Hike, but it also was not really the longest Walk I could have taken.

In fact, it was actually quite short. I had a great time getting there anyways.

My Wanderpass at the Jägersbleeker Teich.

Just a Week later I went for a double just north of St. Andreasberg. During that Hike, it started snowing. And the further I walked, the harder it snowed. It became so cold, I was actually happy to sit back in the Car.

If it had not been for the Snow, I would have probably gone for a third Stamp, but it was really way too freezing for that.

There was so much Snow.

At the beginning of April and around Easter, I did not go Hiking at all, except for a short Walk back to the Kuckholzklippe.

At at end of the Month, I then had the longest Hike I ever walked with my Mom. Our Journey took us all the Way from Buntenbock to Osterode, and that is a long Way. Almost 16 kilometres on foot. It was awesome, but I also got loads of Blisters.

A Forestry Road above Lerbach.

My final Hike then brought me to Schulenberg, where I got my 24th and final Stamp towards the Golden Wandernadel. On that Hike, I also used the Hiking Poles that I had gotten from my Mom for the second time. The first was actually on my longest Hike to date.

The Walk around Schulenberg also was not really that long, but it was really enjoyable and kind of relaxing. I actually liked it quite a bit.

My Hiking Poles.

That was at the End of April, but the Tourist Information in Clausthal had already closed and I was unable to get my Wandernadel.

Last Friday, I was then finally able to make it to that Tourist Information in time before they closed again. And that is the Story of how I got from Silver to Gold.

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