Using my Steadycam.

Quite a while ago, I bought a very cheap Steadycam off eBay. I was never really able to figure out how to use that thing, or maybe I just never had the patience required to learn.

Yesterday evening I was then finally able to balance that Steadycam. And that is pretty much the first step in using one of those things. Today, I then went into the Forest to shoot a little Video with its help.

In the Forest.

It worked very well when I was standing or just panning my Camera. All of the handheld Shakiness that is usually in my Videos was pretty much gone, and the results look great. But that is not what Steadycams are made for.

And so I tried a few walking Shots. And I really have to practice more. Every step you take transfers directly into the Camera is is amplified by the Steadycam. That is because unlike in a Gimbal, where Motors stabilize your Camera, Steadycams use nothing but gravity.

The Steadycam.

Because of all those Counterweights, my little Steadycam is also really heavy. And while I do understand that those Weights are necessary for the Steadycam to work, it gets hard to hold your Camera steady after a while.

That is also why I ditched the Device after a while to just shoot Handheld again. I really do not care about a little Shakiness, at least not enough to start carrying that Steadycam everywhere.

A beautiful Tree Stump.

I also recorded a little extra Audio with an App on my Phone to get a little more Depth into my Videos Sound. There where so many Birds singing in the Forest. And I really love singing Birds.

I then also tried to Colour-grade the Footage on my iPad. I think I did okay, if I do say so myself. Now I just have to find and Editor that allows me to export at my original Frame Rate, 25fps.

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