Changing how I edit.

I usually edit my Fotos in Lightroom, and I will continue continue doing that. But after a long time with no real Changes to my Style I recently grew more and more dissatisfied with my Fotos.

That is why I played around for quite a while today editing one Foto over and over, even going as far as making multiple virtual Copies to be able to compare my Edits to one another.

I was never really satisfied with the Changes I made. And in the end, I pretty much rejected them all. Except for a little bump on the Contrast Slider that I previously only ever used in Black & White Photography.

It is really hard to spot the difference, but I think that I am happy with the Results. Even though some People still might find my Fotos to bright, but to each their own.

Personally, I like brighter Fotos. But I do not shoot for that. Most of the time I pay very little attention to my Histogram. I understand hat it means, but I prefer to judge my Exposure by how the Foto looks.

I also never really wait for the best lighting Conditions. Only shooting at or around Golden Hour would limit me to much. And it would get uninspiring rather quickly.

In Freiheit.

I have tried changing my Style multiple Times now, but I always fall back to a similar look. I do not think that that is necessarily good, but it doubt it is a bad thing as well. You do not fix was is not broken, after all.

2 thoughts on “Changing how I edit.”

    1. Thanks for your Comment! You are right, finding balance in Editing can be a bit of a struggle. But no single Foto will be able to please everyone, that is just not possible.


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