I love the Entensumpf.

I have been at the Entensumpf a few Times so far. And today, I visited the Teich again. It is definitely one of my favourite of the countless Teiche in the Oberharz.

Today, I visited the Teich with the Intention of shooting some Videos since I had just found my old Røde Mic again. And since I also rediscovered my ND Filter, I was not confined to just shooting in the Woods.

At the Entensumpf.

There were a lot of Cars at the local Parking Lot. But luckily, there were few People at the actual Entensumpf. That meant that I did not have to pay too much attention while filming.

And it was awesome. Birds were singing everywhere, Fishes were hunting for Insects and jumping around, and the Light was beautiful.

In the Woods at the Entensumpf.

I know how to set my Microphone up for recording, but my Camera does not allow me to monitor Audio Levels while I am filming. But I think I did okay.

Video shooting is becoming more and more of a Passion for me lately. But I still need to learn many things. Colour Grading and Sound Editing are just two of the many Areas that need to improvement, or at least I think so.

My Setup.

After walking around the Entensumpf and shooting quite a bit of Video on the way, I decided to drive back home. On the Way, I stopped by the store to get me something to drink while editing all my Footage into a short Film for YouTube.

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